• General Tso’s Tofu and Panera: What This Meat-Eater Ate on Meatless Monday

    Hey, everyone!

    So… I decided to start becoming more intentional with what I eat because I want to eat better.

    I mean, I used to be a better eater when I was pescatarian. It literally never occurred to me that I could just say I was a pescatarian, but actually just pig-out on processed junk foods all day everyday.

    Instead, I cooked WAY more often. Even found a friend in my favorite ride-or-die kitchen knife I’d always use to chop veggies. (RIP. My mother’s impatience caused it to meet its match and it succumbed to a too-frozen Mother’s Day Coldstone cake.)

    I was DISCIPLINED back then! I tried all the things and consistently would take a nice walk through the “forest” on campus to get to the campus garden sale every Thursday.

    I was just really happy back then!

    And now? I kinda wanna get back to feeling good (and not stuffed and heavy) about what I eat. And also just regain that discipline and try more recipes kinds cause I have to, and can’t default to a budding cold cut sandwich with tons of Miracle Whip.

    So! Why not tell you what I eat too? I LOVE finding new recipes online. I’m also that person who feverishly reads through comments on those recipes to see what changes I should make, if any.

    Anyway anyway, I digress…

    Here we go!

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