I sat tight-lipped in the car with my mom during the entire commute to campus.

I had been praised for my writing in the past, but this was the first time I was being paid to write! It was so exciting to wow a company with my writing so much so that they wanted to pay me to write more for them.

Something I loved doing anyway.

Despite my excitement, something told me to keep it to myself...

But I didn't.

As the car stopped in front of the building for my first class, I hesitated, then turned toward my mom and exclaimed, "I'm getting paid to write blog posts for a body jewelry website!"

The response shouldn't have surprised me, but it did...

Hey! My name's Cierra and I'm a free-spirited, multipassionate, creative.

Laughing About Page Pic

As you might've guessed, the writing gig news that was exciting to me, wasn't so exciting to my mom.

I could see the frustrated look in her eyes as she began to scold me. "You don't need any more distractions, Cierra! I wish you'd stop playing around online and stay focused on school. It's what really matters and you'll get nowhere else otherwise!"

Our conversation ended in a sharp, but brief, disagreement before I stormed off, grateful to be spending hours away from home to cool off.

That whole scenario happened years ago, but it validated an important lesson I didn't grasp until later:

I am capable of creating my own future.

But pursuing an unconventional and "unstable" path, no matter how happy it makes you, is never in the cards for your loved ones.

And the pushback you receive for wanting to pursue something more creative can make you feel limited in the options you have for your future.

I don't want anyone to feel that for as long as I did, or at least not feel alone in wanting more for their life. And it took until I graduated college to realize I had the power and ability to create a supportive corner of the internet.

So that's what I did.

This is a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for multipassionate creatives

Because I have (and still am) living through pushback as I try to find my footing to unapologetically be myself, I decided to build a community that understands they're not alone in wanting something more authentic and enjoyable for their adulthood.

Within this space will be resources that aids in making positive changes and growth in life that you can both be confident in, and proud of.

I'll also be documenting my own journey of learning how to make a living from my creativity. I want to share all my ups and downs so you can see me grow, and can learn from my mistakes while they're fresh in my mind.

Now, my journey thus far isn't as expansive and inspiring as other content creators online.

But I'm making the most of what I have because everyone starts somewhere.

I don't have a car, a traditional job, my own room, let alone my own place.

But I do want better for myself and have faith that major growth will come so long as I keep working toward the growth I can make right now.

I'm blessed to stay home and work on me, but stretching with limitations does have its growing pains.

When friends and family want you to stop investing in "hobbies."

This blog is for any other creative who's ready to take their future into their own hands and develop their happiest selves, no matter what their circumstances.

So if you:

  • have unconventional interests, and ideas for your future and career path that no one around you understands.
  • know in your gut that you're just not meant to live the rest of your life in a corporate setting.
  • find yourself daydreaming about a future you want but are afraid to pursue.
  • have an itch to really invest in blogging as your newest creative outlet, but don't know where to start.

Then you're in the right place. 😉

5 Fun Facts About the Face Behind Ditching Adulthood

I know I gave a very brief introduction of myself earlier, but thought it'd be fun to share 5 fun facts before I dip:

  • I LOVE cooking and eating. You'll more-than-likely always find me with food in my mouth.
  • Kitten bellies are my kryptonite. As well as having a duckling imprint on me, if I were ever blessed enough to have it happen.
  • I adore my TUK Creeper platform shoes and find them superior to rainboots when I need shoes to keep my feet dry.
  • The first time I flew on a plane since I was 3 was when I was 25, and it was to South Korea (see the picture on the right)!
  • I'm a writer for Quirktastic.co, a media site, and community for misfits and quirky people of color!
South Korea Profile Pic

It's hard to break through a mold that's been set for you, your entire life. Especially when everyone's watching and questioning the unconventional moves you wish you could make more openly.

So this blog is here to be a gentle push and resource to help motivate you to work toward what you truly want in life, and not get comfortable with what everyone says you're "supposed to" do.

And that goes for me too. 😉


Are you ready to join me on this self-discovery journey?

I have a Resource Library for Creatives where I keep any valuable article I feel would help someone, digital freebies I create, items I love and mention throughout blog posts, and more.

All in one spot!

And if you're feeling pumped about starting a blog of your own after reading this, then I have a post to that'll get you all set up!