You've physically created your blog!

(And if you haven't, I have a simple guide here!)

... But now what??

There's Pinterest articles and Google and like-minded friends and Facebook Groups and Twitter Chats and your own head telling you exactly how you need to set your new blog up in order to launch just right.

But all of that overwhelming information on how to build your blog to be its best is going to paralyze you from actually launching it!

There's nothing perfect about just starting... you just have to go and apply what you learn along the way.

So to help you, I'm finishing up a free, 5-day email course on building your confidence to launch. Sooner, rather than later! 🙂

Free Email Course Breakdown:

  • DAY 1: An Introduction and the Benefits of Blogging. Let's go back to the basics: why blog, an introduction to the course, and I wanna learn a little about you!
  • DAY 2: My Blogging Story, and a Free Goodie! 😉 I'll tell you my own ups and downs as a blogger over the years, and where I am now. I also have a goodie for you, and some homework under 5 minutes for you to do as well!
Blogging for Beginners Free Email Course
  • DAY 3: Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger. I'll be going over 5 different mistakes and myths new bloggers believe, and why they're not true. I also have some baby step homework for you!
  • DAY 4: Why You Should Start Now, Not Later. A quick email on why waiting is a horrible idea, and more baby step homework!
  • DAY 5: FAQs About Blogging Answered! I answer some questions I hear, see, and get a lot as a blogger. And also ask you an interactive question before sending you off with some inspirational words of wisdom!

Interested in this free email course? Click here to sign up, and it'll start up as soon as I'm done with its finishing touches! 😉