How to Deal with People Dismissing Your Passions

How to Deal with People Dismissing Your Passions
 I remember that sinking feeling when something you held precious to your heart was shattered by words of discouragement.
There have been times–even recently–where I’ve tried explaining what I loved doing, and all I’d receive in return were confused and/or concerned looks. By family, I’d be told “I could do better” or my hurdles to find success would just be met with “well when you get a job…” as if I wasn’t working hard on something they just truly couldn’t wrap their heads around.
DESTINY is a feeling you have that you know something about yourself nobody else does. The picture you have in your own mind of that you’re about WILL COME TRUE. It’s a kind of a thing you kind of have to keep to your own self, because it’s a fragile feeling, and you put it out there, then someone will kill it. It’s best to keep that al inside.
During an interview I watched for a college English class I took four years ago, this quote from Bob Dylan clung to me years after the class’ end. It resonated with me so much.
Blogging, YouTubing, graphic design, fine arts, writing, fashion, makeup artists… Everything unconventional is viewed through smoke and mirrors as child’s play.
And when you’re still trying to figure things out, it can be even more daunting to hear doubt about what you’re into if you don’t have confident footing… yet. Just remember, as you continue to explore your passions and interests, you’re going to come across a lot of snags before you can hit the ground running smoothly.
Believe it or not, there’s a handful of ways to get your head into gear and combt people ready to dismiss your passions, and they’re all things that can be done peacefully and effectively.

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A Realistic Summer Bucket List

A Realistic Summer Bucket List

Make the most of your summer, no matter how busy you may be.


I’ve made summer bucket lists before: travel to a new country, road trips, visiting a friend out-of-state, restaurant hopping…

But literally every summer nothing comes to fruition for me.

So this summer I’m making my bucket list more… obtainable, but still fulfilling to accomplish. Maybe you can take some of the 9 things off this bucket list for your own personal use as well. 🙂

  • A new tattoo. Yo, I haven’t gotten a tattoo since I was 17. It’s my ONLY tattoo, actually. I’m officially ready for more, and I kinda wanna a bigger piece. 😉 But any start will suffice.
  • Upgrade my equipment. This is a personal goal of mine. I just need to get a new computer so I can work more efficiently! Dassit.
  • Finish my Skillcrush Front End Development Blueprint. If you have ever started and stopped a free or paid course, summer is the time to finish it!
  • Try tea dropsI’ve heard a lot of great things about these teas with a twist! I’d love to try them someday soon, and with signup giving you free shipping on your first order and the variety pack being only $10? I can see this as a doable summer bucket list item for sure!
  • Read 3 new books. Do this however you can! Ebooks, physical books, audio books… Get your story time in.
  • Try a new fruit. I love summer fruits, so why not try a new exotic fruit? It could end up in your next fruit salad or acai bowl.
  • Shy peeps: give a stranger a compliment. It’ll make you happy and proud of yourself for getting out of your comfort zone, and make someone feel good. 🙂
  • Go down an unfamiliar street in a familiar place. Your next go-to game store or delicious local sandwich may be closer than you think!
  • Grow something. I have aspirations of becoming a gardener, so I plan to start small and regrow a couple things like romaine lettuce and green onions.

A Realistic Summer Bucket List

Time to make the most of this summer! Let me know which of these summer bucket list items (or your own!) you’re going to do before summer’s end!

Cierra M

These Three Things: My Minimalism, Bathroom Havens, and Patbingsu

I’ve always loved discovering new things from content creators who would share things they were digging, and I’ve realized I love doing the same as well! So every Thursday I’ll share three things with you that you can hopefully explore this weekend. =)

This week I did some self-reflection and visualization about what I want for my future, and have some epic inspiration to share!

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A Writer’s Necessary “Diet” for Writer’s Block

A Writer's Necessary Diet Featured Image

You are what you read.


Right before I shut my blog down this last time to rebrand it, I got on Twitter to vent about getting to a place where I felt I had to go on hiatus again.

I said I’d never do it again, but here I am. =/

Beautiful friends on Twitter came to my rescue, telling me it was necessary to take care of myself and what was best for my blog by stepping back from blogging.

At one point, I came to the epiphany that I was unsatisfied with what I was writing because my writing was just a carbon copy of everything I was “digesting.”

My writing style used to be something friends, family, teachers, and professors swooned over, but eventually became just another step-by-step Pinterest “How to” post.

Over and over and over again.

But maybe my writing voice became quiet because I was in the midst of teaching myself how to run a serious blog, and start an online business. All I read were Pinterest “how to” posts.

I spent over two years researching and learning, and I stopped nourishing myself with leisure reading and inspirational blog posts.

And because of it, I began to feel angsty and empty.

Maybe I’m onto something…

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These Three Things: Cabbage Lady, Cabbage Recipe, and Getting Paid to Be Yourself

 I’ve always loved discovering new things from content creators who would share things they were digging, and I’ve realized I love doing the same as well! So every Thursday I’ll share three things with you that you can hopefully explore this weekend. =)

This week we’ll be getting into creating income by being yourself, and all things cabbage. <3

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A Fresh Start: Why I Rebranded Ditching Adulthood

I soon learned that pride in what I created wasn’t one of my biggest priorities anymore. Validation was.


Ditching Adulthood Rebrand and Mission Statement

I’ve tiptoed around fears just as much as I’ve tiptoed around truths.

Blogging, writing, and creating have always played huge staples in my life since I was young. So why did I try to mask this when I was ready to take a career path in it seriously?

What was I afraid of embracing? Or maybe the better question to ask is:

Who’s validation was I looking for?

With Chelsie’s mission statement blog post as an inspirational guideline, I’m ready to dive into what my new revelation as both a writer and blogger means for both me and you.

Time to virtually re-introduce myself!

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