#AWordForYou: The Truth Behind a Creative’s Struggle

The Truth Behind a Creative's Struggle, #AWordForYou
I think deep in our hearts we know what we want to be known for…
But not knowing how to arrive there scares us too much to move from our familiar spot.
If you’ve seen it successfully done, you feel like repeating their process will equal the same result to the equation…
But that’s not the case.
This is no longer math class where equations are absolute.
And you are no longer required to follow the rules in order to receive a grade that has nothing to do with your personal growth.
An ingredient many creatives miss (including me) in their pursuit of happiness and success is FAITH.
It’s hard to jump out on it. I know.
I’m playing with faith today by publishing this post.
  • It isn’t SEO optimized.
  • It isn’t a listicle or how to post.
  • It’s not filled with stock photography.
  • It isn’t niched down to speak directly to an audience like online business owners or stay-at-home moms.
Instead, it’s every joy-filled piece of me creating work that I love, and have put my entire heart into.
It’s something I’m more eager to share with my readers than constantly publishing informational blog posts on how to blog in order to build some type of credibility.
It’s not like the posts that have brought so many before me success that keeps their lives financially stable, sustainable, and dreamy.
Because I know deep in my heart that’s not the only way to create success.
I may be scared to jump out on faith and try to create success differently.
But I’m more tired of trying to live like someone else,
and failing because I refuse to try and stay true to myself.
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Love you!

Cierra M
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How to Make Your Own Lipstick with Finding Ferdinand

Make your own lipstick with Finding Ferdinand customizable brand

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I used my own money to purchase these products and just wanted to write a review out of excitement! 🙂 

Finding a lipstick I feel is flattering on me is one of my biggest battles.


Right up there with discontinued foods that I fall in love with right before they’re discontinued.

But lipstick is perfect for people indifferent to makeup because you can easily look more polished in a snap.

  • Depending on the color, you can throw it on without a mirror.
  • You can give vampy vibes (aka mysterious or “leave me alone” vibes).
  • You can pull a look together with the right lipstick.
  • You can make a statement.
  • You can just look like you tried even when you really didn’t feel like doing so that day (aka me most days).

So when Finding Ferdinand followed me on Instagram, and I was all like, “who the heck is Finding Ferdinand??”

I took a peek, and fell in love with the concept!

You’re telling me, I can customize a product without having to live in a major city hours and hours away??

Count me in!

And hey, if your ears have been perked, check out what I have to say about the process and lipsticks themselves. 😉

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How to Blog About Several Topics Successfully

How to Blog About Several Topics Successfully! | When you start blogging you both want to blog about everything, AND attract readers that eat up your content admirably and supportively. But how can you do both when everyone seems to tell you to get one niche and run with it? I'll tell you how. ;)

I used to believe you HAD to be known for only one specific niche before people would be interested enough to read personal information about you…


But I don’t believe that anymore!

You know what perks my ears with excitement as a blog reader? Finding bloggers I can relate to. No “successful niche” required. (TWEET THIS!)

Whether I’m squealing over a fellow black woman anime-lover, or a 20-something exploring her life’s passions as well… I know they’re someone I wanna follow along because they’re just like me!

But there’s honestly still a method to the madness when you want to write about everything and still attract readers to your life and interests.

And I’m gonna be explaining that magic today.

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How to Start a Practical Bullet Journal When You Don’t Have Time

How to Start a Practical Bullet Journal When I Don't Have the Time

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear (and used to believe) about starting a bullet journal is that it takes too much time.


But you don’t have to be some artistic doodler to start a bullet journal!

If you’re a busy person, then honestly? The bullet journal is perfect for you.

  • You can plan your days, weeks, and/or months within it.
  • Clear your mind of lists you’re always thinking about and have it all in one place.
  • Get everything out of your head, but still keep it easily accessible.
  • You can literally customize it however you see fit!

Setting up each month takes me less than 10 minutes if I do the bare minimum, and the rest of the bullet journal I use for mapping-out things out like lists and brainstorms.

Think of bullet journals as a notebook where you can organize your braindumps.

And braindumping really helps clear the mind so you can stay present throughout your day.

I mean… you already know that students who write their worries out before a test perform better

So why not let a bullet journal work for you as an organized catchall in a similar sense?

Whether you’re a student, creative, or freelancer. 🙂

*This post contains affiliate links! So if you were to buy through my link, I get a small chunk of change from your purchase at no extra cost to you. But don’t fret, I only promote items that I truly love, enjoy, and use. 🙂

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What You Need to Know About the Trickery of Instagram Photography


What You Need to Know About the Trickery of Instagram Photography | There's plenty of smoke & mirrors brought on by the power of carefully curated posts on social media, and Instagram is a huge culprit. This post teaches you tips to both stay mindful of what REALLY goes on behind the scenes of a great picture or status update, and ways you can begin to up your on photo-taking skills for Instagram and beyond. Now you can work on your own pieces to be proud of!

This post contains affiliate links! So if you were to buy through my link, I get a small chunk of change from your purchase at no extra cost to you. But don’t fret, I only promote items that I truly love, enjoy, and use. =)

I remember how excited I was when the staged photo I took of my foot and a journal on a sheet-covered couch got featured on 21Ninety’s Instagram account.


Of course, anyone that views the photo just sees what looks like a calming scene of a woman who is on her crisp white bed, fresh and ready to write in her journal.

The photo doesn’t show the sheet that was pulled from the lining closet and draped across the living room’s couch cushion closest to the window. It also doesn’t show the props piled up behind me in the rest of the shadowy room.

It doesn’t show that I’m fully dressed in black jeans and a sweatshirt. Or that I’m contorting my foot to fit in the frame so that it looks like I’m chillaxing, not working hard to get that perfect shot I envisioned.

But that’s the truth behind many great photos: they take effort, work, and patience… and some affordable and free tips to help get your own photo-taking foundation built! 😉

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A Letter to 16-Year-Old Me and 17 Lessons Learned

17 Life Lessons in a letter to 16 year old me

It’s my birthday! A time to celebrate, but not without self-reflection.


I can’t believe I’m 26! Last year, I turned 25 two weeks before going out of the country for the first time ever.

Now? There’s nothing that major going on one year later, but I do have a lot to think about.

It’s been a little over a decade since drastic changes began to happen in my life. Now I’m looking back and wanted to write a letter to my 16-year-old self, sharing some life of the life lessons I’ve learned.

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