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A one-stop-shop to view everything I love and use so that you can check it out at your own pace. This page will be updated often, so be sure to bookmark it and return for even more valuable goodies!

This page contains some affiliate links which means for any purchases you make through certain links, I may receive some money from it at no extra cost to you!

Blogging Resources

Here are all the tools, articles, and resources I love and have helped me to become the blogger I am today!

Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground is Ditching Adulthood's hosting companyOnce you've planned out how you want to go about building a blog you're ready to take seriously, you'll need self-hosting! This has been my host of choice since switching from HostGator (which I personally never had issues with. The price increased to $10 per month so with 4 months of HostGator, I got 12 months of SiteGround instead!).

Customer service at SiteGround is prompt and exceptional, you get free SLL certificates (so Google views your site as safe), and my site has never shut down. You can read my post on how to start a blog to learn more about why I switched and what I love about SiteGround.


Viraltag is used for social media marketing on Ditching Adulthood


Viraltag is my one-stop-shop for most of my social media. I love that I can automate content I promote to keep posting through Viraltag, and I can manage a posting schedule for my Instagram and other accounts through it. It's constantly changing and improving; I'm always excited to see what'll be the next update!


Developing your photography skills as a blogger is a great investment when you want your readers to invest in you deeper. Here's what I use as a person snapping shots solo for Instagram, the blog, headshots, and beyond.

Nikon Coolpix 6900

If you're not ready to throw down a few hundred dollars on a DSLR quite yet, this camera is your next best (and much more affordable) choice!

It's perfect for bloggers who are working solo because it has a viewfinder you can rotate so you can see yourself when recording.

Speaking of, the recording is pretty great on it too for a beginner's point-and-shoot. Just check out my videos from South Korea to see it in action!

Phone Photo/Filming Bundle

As someone who has to be flexible about "photoshoot days", and sets up those days by herself, I have a bundle of items I count on and use religiously.

Don't knock the selfie stick until you need to take headshots that don't look like myspace awkward arm selfies. And the selfie ring light this bundle comes with is really nifty for when you're losing daylight.

The fact that this selfie stick doubles as a tripod (also a huge help) and the bundle also comes with a mic if you're recording is sweeter than a mouth full of gobstoppers. These may not be the exact items I have (I received most of my photo gear as gifts), but I looked around for a great deal and read reviews to give you the best option.


Favorite Books

These are all the books that have really impacted me in life or were just fantastic leisure reads.

This book changed my life (and mindset) when it comes to manifestation, because he explains the SCIENCE behind it! Grab it here here, or if you want more info on my testimonial click here .

This book opened my eyes even further to not only the horrors of imigration, but how real the struggle can be to find your footing as a creative. Diane actually narrated her Audible version and I'd HIGHLY reccommend giving it a listen. It's very well-written and read!

Popular Items I Love

Here are items that have shown up in my personal life that you guy have told me you loved!

My absolute favorite mug that you might see in more than one photo of mine. Snag yours here!

Articles Worth Reading

Those articles you read and immediately want to share with the world? Yeah, those go here. 😉

For Readers + Writers

Thoughts on Developing Your Voice by Hannah BrencherHannah Brencher wrote an amazing piece on her site answering a reader's struggle with writing in an "unnatural" way.

Intentional Living Resources

Study Yourself Podcast Brooke Castillo

I've talked about my success with manifestation + living like I was already living the life I want to live (so that your brain doesn't know the difference between its reality). Brooke tells you about this wonderfully in her hour episode.

For All-Around Creatives