Seeking on Sundays: Find Balance in Your Life Through Your “Garden”

On Sundays I seek out strength for the week ahead through personal development resources and share my favorite findings with you.

It’s July 1st and that means a new Quarter!

That also means, to me, a time to reflect and check in on myself and goals—if any—I have for my future.

This whole year has been filled with me stepping away just so I can have some headspace to really, really, REALLY, figure out what I want and need in my life.

So when Alex Elle’s podcast episode covered how important it is to find balance as a self-sustaining creative, I tuned-in.

And the advice and analogies she left us with sparked an interesting concept I wanted to share with you.

It was early in elementary school when I began to fully understand the concept of food growing from plants.

I had a downstairs elderly neighbor I’d spend time within our apartment complex, and her work with her garden and nature was magical to me!

She and her friend in the same building taught me that iced tea could be brewed by the sun, and that mint… like the actual smell and cooling taste of MINT… could grow in my own backyard with the right tools.

So when Alex Elle made a tree analogy when it comes to finding balance in your work and play, it really clicked for me.

The trunk of your tree is where your bread-and-butter work lies. The branches hold the joys in your life that don’t necessarily have to hold monetary value, and the leaves are smaller joys in your life.

She also made an analogy about self-reflecting and your garden:

I’ve played with all the branches of my tree, I’ve climbed my tree, I’ve gotten to the top and I’m like, “okay, now what are we gonna do? How am I gonna prune my garden now? How am I gonna sow these different seeds? What do I want to leave on this earth?

This is where I feel I’m at currently. Both the tree and the garden.

It’s a new Quarter and although I’m not stressing out too much about it, I have been spending much more time being intentional about my feelings and documenting my moods and habits.

And when it comes to finding balance as a creative? I’m feeling better about the paths I’m deciding to take for my own life.

I feel like it’s a lie to say money can’t bring you happiness. No, it shouldn’t be everything, but it can help people. A lot. Whether it’s to get health insurance or help period when you’re sick and/or injured, you need it to live in a better neighborhood, or to lessen the stress and anxiety of needing to pay your bills every month… Money can ease a lot of those woes, and more.

So if you’re also wanting to live a life you enjoy (especially as a creative) you really need to hone in on what joys are you okay with just being something joyful you do, and what would you want to do as life-work?

What balance can you create with that? What’s life-work you could do that wouldn’t suck the soul out of you?

Alex Elle also left us with two questions as she wrapped up her podcast:

  • How are you doing the work today?
  • What are you longing for in this life and how can you bring it to fruition?
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