Seeking Sunday: A Talk on Exactly Why You Can Create ANYTHING Right Now

On Sundays I seek out strength for the week ahead through personal development resources and share my favorite findings with you.

I have to be honest, I was not feeling any resources last Sunday.

And I’m sitting here the day before this post goes live still struggling with this post, and life in itself.

BUT all is not lost. There is a video that compliments last week’s Seeking Sunday post on starting over, and starting now. It’s all about why you should just create… like, now.

While I sit here late into the night, munching on chocolate-covered raisins that taste like cardboard… I realize I can’t feign tranquility and soft aesthetics this Sunday.

And that’s okay! I’m not gonna fake it.

It actually makes sharing this video perfect, it isn’t about building up “Self-Care Sunday” vibes anyway.

It’s about creating. Now. Especially if you want to and are too scared to start.

Adam J Kurtz will hilariously explain why and how to just begin.

And don’t worry. It’s literally like you’re sitting and listening to a real, funny, human, and relatable friend.

If you’re looking for inspiration (as well as a kick in the pants) and laughs this Sunday, you’re in the right spot.

Enjoy, and see you soon!

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