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You ever try to navigate a confusing website?

The design looks dated and is filled with clipart, you don’t know how to find what you need, or what the heck you’re even looking at!

You ever wonder if your site is set up to help, not hinder, your own readers?

know how much work it takes to run a blog full-time. I’ve been at it for over 3 years!

You wear several hats, and there’s not only NOT enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done…

And not only that, but you’re staring at your own work for so many hours, you may begin to overlook changes that could be made to improve what you’ve done.

All blogging tasks aren’t created equal, and I know there’s plenty of tasks you have to do, but have no desire doing.

And these tasks are slowing you down and lowering your morale to do more of the things you love!

So let me help you! Below are tasks I can take off your hands (so you can continue living in joy instead of dread), and kind words others have told me about my work with them. 😉

CONTENT EDITING – Starting at $27 per post or page

BOOK A CALL IF YOU’RE WANTING OTHER EDITS (ebooks, email sequences, etc.)

  • Edit works for readability, grammar, and MSKJHD


BOOK A CALL IF YOU’RE WANTING OTHER EDITS (ebooks, email sequences, etc.)

  • Edit works for readability, grammar, and MSKJHD

There’s A Lot of Noise Online…

And even though writing is a silent medium, it can resonate in a way that counts.


Are your blog posts, ebooks, ecourses… your way of creating a connection as powerful as it can be?

Or do you need another pair of eyes to not only check for grammar and spelling, but to also make sure your passion is fully heard through your words?

Then you may be ready to make an invest-

Whoa whoa whoa! Let me tell ya how I can help you create more intimate connections online first, then you can decide if you’re ready to invest! ??

Communication is key to successful relationships.

And if you haven’t developed your voice through your words online in a way the resonates… no, screams “you”, then you’re not working at your fullest potential!

As creatives, we tend to get sucked into our work and stuck in our own heads.

We may struggle seeing not only minute and glaring grammar mistakes and typos… but we may also miss that our writing lacks the ability to grab a reader, and pull them in.


Here’s What I Can Do For You

I can edit your writing to not only sound like you, but make sure it engages and creates a connection in the way it’s formatted!

Book your FREE chat with me down below, and after we’ve talked I’ll do some research on your needs and I’ll follow-up from there. 🙂

But… Why Should I Invest in You?

All my life I’ve been told by family, friends, teachers, and professors that I have a gift for writing in a way that makes people feel and connect.

also have an insatiable hunger for proper grammar and spelling.

(So yes, I am one of those people who internally screams when I see someone default to only  one form of “your” or “there”…. and I want the world to stop when I realize someone retweets a tweet of mine that has a glaring typo.)

But don’t worry, I have the receipts of praise and experience to prove it. 🙂


I’ve tried my hand at content editing in the past, but Andra’s words of appreciation and praise are what pushed me to really take this seriously!

(As well as how I felt while editing… I realized I wanted to get so much deeper with the people I worked with, and learning more about the passion behind their work!)

And check out the other blessed words I’ve received about my work in the past down below. 🙂



Name: Brie Beeks
Their Work: Former Fitness and Well-Being Coach at Balance with Bree
What I Worked On: Sales page editing

Cierra is extremely organized and thorough with her work. You would think that reading through corrections that needed to made on a lengthy sales copy would be messy but not the way she formats it! Her thoughts and corrections were very simple to work through. I was so so thankful for how much she transformed my sales copy for the better. She really smoothed out the wrinkles. I gained a client within hours of making the changes she suggested. I highly highly recommend her!

Charice Lundy testimonial picture

Name: Charice Lundy
Their Work: Owner of
What I Worked On: Copy and line editing a short memoir

I can’t thank you enough for your help. Lord knows that this book would be a wreck with typos and grammar mistakes without you!

aleia testimonial picture

Name: Aleia
Their Work: Liberation Life Coach at L Theory Experience
What I Worked On: Site audit

I saw my page through new eyes and it totally clarified for me why I keep getting views that don’t translate to clicks, subscriptions or sales. You have a talent. You’re a good listener and don’t make a person feel like crap for getting it “wrong” on their site. You’re extremely skilled with translating vision into specific steps to take that vision into strategic copy.

Proof People Trust My Writing

And there’s sample pieces of what I can write for YOU right on my blog!

Editing Services

Base price of $32, priced per word. Final investment price discussed once I send my customized proposal of your work.

I will look over grammar, spelling, fluidity of your content, and how it reads for online readers. I want to make sure your writing makes the best connection it can for your audience!

Freelance Writing

Starting at $50 for 500 words.

I’m open to writing blog posts or articles for you!

If you’re into personal development, mental health, wellness, growth, minimalism, mindful living, etc… I’ve got you, fam.

Just fill out this quick form so I can get in touch. 🙂

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