A Shoutout to Everyone During Graduation Time

A Messages for Those Feeling Lost Post-Graduation

Keep going, life is a Journey no matter where you are.


Life is built upon pleasure and pain, highs and lows. I’ve seen so many people graduate after years of blood, sweat, and tears.

But I’ve also observed many follow a different path. Voluntary or not.

This message is for everyone scared about their future–graduate or not.


Although I’m so proud of my fellow graduates who’ve left the undergrad label behind, I want to acknowledge anyone who may feel some type of way being surrounded by all of this celebration. Even the ones who are actually a part of the celebration, but have no clue what’s next.

To All That are Afraid, or Feeling Defeated

To the ones who’s path led them astray, and are still wandering, but aren’t lost. To those who ARE lost, but have the strength to keep pushing for something better. Shout out to the ones who feel like they’re on their last leg mentally, spiritually, physically… I see you. I commend you all for your strength and resilience. Understand not everyone’s milestones are similar in time or perspective.

To the people who’ve frantically grasped for the reins of something that was out of their control, only to get burned from the tumble chaos brought: I see you; your efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Find the Light Worthwhile for You

But we all need to latch on to something worthwhile. Something we can change, no matter how subtle. We need to keep pushing, graduates and undergraduates and caretakers of family members who’s lives have been put on hold. The kids who couldn’t make it through school financially, the ones who knew that route wasn’t their place, the ones who held responsibilities before they were ready for them… We all need something to work toward. And we are, even if it isn’t made clear right now.

Life is full of surprises. Both good and bad. Pleasure and pain. And as your strength surpasses what you ever thought possible, you’ll continue toward the possibility of something better.

Feeling lost post graduation

Please, stay afloat. Your milestones, strength, and perseverance is worth it. Even in the dark where it can’t be seen.

Cierra M

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  • Created Well @ The AntiBlog

    Love this one. Ditto.

    May 21, 2015 at 8:55 am Reply
    • cmercier

      Thank you!

      It’s great to rely on yourself, but sometimes you need that little external push and reassurance that you are FINE where you are, and it’s NOT a competition. Especially when your path wasn’t a chosen one.

      May 21, 2015 at 11:04 pm Reply

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