Seeking Sundays: On Starting Over, and Starting Now

On Sundays I seek out strength for the week ahead through personal development resources and share my favorite findings with you.

I always try to make my Sundays tranquil and fulfilling so I can set myself up well for the week ahead.

Something about Sunday is so wholesome and intentional…

Or maybe it’s the “Self-Care Sunday” trend that’s caught on as feverishly as sicknesses do during flu season, I dunno.

Regardless, I’ve caught the bug and I’m not looking to medicate it.

Not when it’s been so helpful with the start of my weeks; it’s actually been quite medicinal for an otherwise mundane life.

And a few weeks ago–after watching Amy’s video that sparked this series–wasn’t any exception. Continue reading “Seeking Sundays: On Starting Over, and Starting Now”